Al Dhia Human Resource Consultants – How we do

We understand the unique requirements of each of our client.

We follow a time-tested and proven recruitment methodology to help our clients get the right talent for the right job. Our process involves a close interaction with our clients to understand their exact staffing needs and then begin our process of screening and identifying the right talents suitable for positions called in for.

We further follow a unique screening and interviewing technique to ensure our clients' recruitment objectives are met in timely fashion.

Recruitment Process

Need-specific solutions in the shortest possible time form the core of our process.

Our HR Recruitment Process involves:

  • Receiving recruitment confirmation from our clients
  • Development of recruitment strategy appropriate for the post and client
  • Implementation of recruitment plans
    • Screen for qualified candidates in our data bank
    • Advertise in leading newspapers and online job portals with required job descriptions and skills sets required for the post
    • Screen the applications and call shortlisted candidates for an interview
    • Our experts will conduct a formal interview with the shortlisted candidates
    • Conduct skill tests wherever required
  • Send the candidates who we think are best fit for the post along with a detailed assessment report of the candidates
  • Get the list of selected candidates and carry out required formalities to ensure their hassle free joining
    • Complete medical examination
    • Finalize visa formalities to ensure the candidate is ready for an overseas employment
    • Organize an orientation program to familiarize the candidate about the country's culture, work environment and lifestyle and update on the basic do's and dont's
    • Hand over the air tickets and other essential travel documents to the candidate (s)
    • Follow up with the candidate on their joining

Though it is generally not that easy to identify the right candidate, we at Aldhia, ensures our clients get the right talent with every position through our proven recruitment methodology and efficient recruiters. We make it convenient and hassle-free for our clients to recruit the right candidate.

Being an experienced overseas and domestic recruitment organization, we understand the various stages of recruitment process value chain and know what exactly to do to ensure our clients get the best candidate. Our ability to approach the recruitment process from the client angle helps us garner a growing client base across the world.

We leave no stones unturned and never compromise in the quality and expectations of our clients. Our commitment to timelines, dedication to provide valuable services and our flexible approach to recruitment makes us one of the top-of-the-mind recruiting companies in the Middle East.


We conduct a skill-gap analysis and provide appropriate training to bridge the gap.

The technological advancement and resulting emergence of knowledge economy have necessitated organizations to employ people with wide ranging skills to tackle the changing dynamics of global business. We have extensive experience in providing necessary skill-gap training to help your existing employees and new recruits to become job-ready and contribute from the day they assume responsibility. Our scope of training includes:

Lean Management

Our team of Lean Management consultants is adept at providing lean management training to your employees. Lean Management involves following proven methodologies for any manufacturing or service processes to bring down waste and eliminate useless actions and reduce time, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. Lean is known to contribute to the long term growth of any company when it is implemented properly.

Business Continuity Management

In today's highly competitive business scenario there is a greater need than ever for business establishments to have a stringent business continuity plan. An effective business continuity plan helps organization in reducing risk and prepares the organization for any eventuality that can bring about an unprecedented interruption to the business. Our team of business continuity experts can carry out the following for an effective implementation of business continuity management.

Business Impact Analysis - Our experts can analyze potential risks that might impact the continuity of your business and devise a plan based on the organization's current level of preparedness

Development of a plan - We can create a customized plan for organizations of all types based on the organization's continuity plans. Our plans can be effective for all situations from emergency recovery strategy to maintenance of continuous improvement to pandemic preparedness. Our plan will have detailed descriptions of roles and responsibilities that people at various levels have to assume when signs of threat to interruption emerge.

Implementation of plan - We prepare your team on what to do at the face of a threat. We conduct training of personnel, testing and maintenance of critical equipment and infrastructure that are critical to ensuring business continuity. We can assure our clients to have perfect administrative procedures in place to ensure the business continuity plan is effectively implemented when a potential interruption strikes.

Trust Al Dhia. for your HR needs and rest..!

We remain trustworthy recruitment and training partners for several clients across multiple industry verticals, across the globe as we are able to provide the right talent for every position.

We are trusted by these clients

We are able to provide tailor-made staffing solutions to our clients' based on their specific industry type. We understand the professional demands of each industry and thus identify professionals who are best suited to deliver results.