What We Offer

Help our clients hire qualified and experienced professionals at short notice

Recruitment is a very complex process, but it becomes easy the moment you are able to spot the right talent. We being an experienced and leading Human Resource Consultants and Recruitment Company in UAE, we understand what it takes to fulfill our clients' recruitment requirements in the shortest possible time. We are known to facilitate fast placements and help our clients hire highly qualified professionals who can contribute to the growth of the organization.

We have a diverse team of professionals that we are able to assist our clients with recruitment solutions in various sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, MEP, Hospitality, Facility Management, Engineering, HVAC and many others.

We are among the leading recruitment organizations in UAE, QATAR, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN and KUWAIT as we are able to provide tailor-made staffing solutions to individual clients' requirements based on their specific industry type. We understand the professional demands of each industry and thus identify professionals who are best suited to deliver results in the challenging work environment.

We provide various staffing services for the overseas manpower recruitment including:

  • Temporary staffing
  • Contract staffing
  • Direct staffing
  • Clinical staffing
  • Administrative staffing
  • Call center staffing
  • Clinical staffing
  • Labor staffing
  • Construction staffing
  • Mortgage staffing
  • Scientific staffing
  • Environmental staffing
  • Automotive staffing and more

We serve our clients from all sectors including:

  • Construction industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering and heavy equipment
  • Marine recruitment
  • Medical and health care industry
  • Power plant
  • Logistic industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Airline industry
  • Banking and finance industry
  • Advertising industry
  • Media industry
  • Automobile industry
  • IT industry

We provide both permanent and contract based recruitment services to our clients across the globe. We have strong connections across the globe and have full-fledged recruitment offices in India, Nepal, Srilanka and Bangladesh with required team of recruiters. We can quickly source right candidates for every requirement. Timely service, professional support and flexibility are the hallmarks of our consistent success.

We provide high profile staffing in the following:

We know what it takes to recruit people for the big league.

  • Commercial
  • Professional
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • Finance
  • Industrial staffing and more

Domestic Recruitment

Our approach is the same, identifying the right talent for the job

We provide comprehensive HR solutions for domestic and overseas recruitment needs.

We work with a single point objective, which is to hire the right talent for the job. Based on the job requirement, we do pre-screening by zeroing in on the right candidates and interview them at our office. We take their consensus to work in different cities, as the need may be, and then forward the shortlisted candidates CV to our clients for selection and final interview. We mark our observation on the candidates' positive and negative aspects and other key requirements like expected salary, willingness to relocate, industry experience etc., We ensure our client gets the best fit on all aspects in the least possible time.

Overseas Recruitment

We ensure the talent that we identify is ready to take on global challenges

We understand the needs of overseas recruiters better with our years of experience in handling the manpower needs of top-of-the-line clients across the Middle East. We have thorough expertise and experience in recruiting both skilled and unskilled work force from countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia etc., We know that organization can be as strong and as agile as its people. In short, great organizations are made by great people. That is why we understand the importance of helping overseas organizations hire the right talent by providing them with all necessary assistance in prescreening and application processing. We facilitate our clients tap on the right talent without any hassle.

We ensure candidates come with required certifications and approvals for quick joining. We also arrange for trade test facilities and interviews at our overseas office for speedy completion of recruitment process.

Payroll Processing

We are the preferred partners for handling payroll processing of several clients

Payroll is a simple, yet an important aspect of your business. When companies are competing to hire and retain the best talent, having an efficient and timely processing of salary is an important aspect to please your employees. Needless to say, even a wrongful deduction of one day's salary can irritate a good employee and make him/her leave the organization. Payroll processing is a meticulous process involving a high degree of accuracy and process efficiency as it involves accurate computations of several aspects such as leave deductions, reimbursements, tax deductions, loan advances, statutory deductions and much more. Further, payroll processing can affect your productivity and organizational performance when it is not handled properly.

You can solve all your problems by outsourcing your payroll to us. It can help you make a great saving on your administrative cost and all you to focus on your business. We will ensure your company adheres to labor regulations and all aspects of payroll handled diligently month on month. Many of our clients have understood that outsourcing payroll to us makes perfect business sense.

Attrition Management

We provide strategy and support to help our clients retain the best talent

Attrition is the biggest problem that can affect organizations of all sizes and types. The impacts of attrition can be profound when it happens at the senior level. Attrition always comes with high cost and when it is not handled properly, it can affect the efficiency of the organization and morale of the people leading to reduction in the profitability.

We, at Al Dhia,, have proven methods and strategies to help our clients identify the sparks of attrition and fix it even before it explodes. We allow our clients to follow an employee-focused work culture which allows for a better work-life balance and offers scope for performing employees to get better recognition and growth.

Further, we can help in performing systematic analysis to understand the reasons for attrition in your organization and provide practical solutions to reduce the rate of attrition in your organization.

Trust Al Dhia. for your HR needs and rest..!

We remain trustworthy recruitment and training partners for several clients across multiple industry verticals, across the globe as we are able to provide the right talent for every position.

We are trusted by these clients

We are able to provide tailor-made staffing solutions to our clients' based on their specific industry type. We understand the professional demands of each industry and thus identify professionals who are best suited to deliver results.