Al Dhia Recruitment Process

Approaching and Meeting up clients

One of the key steps in the process of manpower recruitment is approaching and meeting up clients. This involves identifying potential customers, reaching out to them via phone or email, and scheduling face-to-face meetings to discuss their needs and expectations.

Preparation and Implementation

This section covers the steps involved in preparing and implementing a manpower recruitment plan, such as defining the job requirements, sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, and making the final selection.

Identifying candidates and Advertising

The first step in the process of manpower recruitment is identifying candidates and advertising. This involves defining the job requirements, sourcing potential applicants, and creating attractive job postings that highlight the benefits of working for the organization.

Pre screening

Pre screening is the process of evaluating the qualifications and suitability of candidates before inviting them for an interview. It helps to filter out the applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements or expectations of the job role.

Personal Organizing

Personal organizing is a skill that helps you manage your time, tasks and resources effectively. It involves planning, prioritizing, delegating and following up on your work activities. Personal organizing can improve your productivity, efficiency and quality of work, as well as reduce stress and errors.


Confirmation is the final step in the process of manpower recruitment. It involves verifying the credentials, qualifications and suitability of the candidates who have been selected for the job.

Medical Test

A medical test is a procedure that evaluates the physical and mental health of a potential employee. It helps to ensure that the candidate is fit for the job and does not have any medical conditions that may affect their performance or safety.

Confirming Availability

Before proceeding with the recruitment process, it is important to confirm the availability of the candidates who have applied for the position. This step ensures that the candidates are still interested in the job and are able to attend the interviews and assessments as scheduled.

VISA Processing

VISA processing is an essential step in the process of manpower recruitment, especially for international candidates. It involves verifying the eligibility, documents and qualifications of the applicants, as well as facilitating the issuance of the appropriate visa type for their employment.

Emigration and Labour Clearance

Emigration and labour clearance are essential steps for hiring foreign workers. They involve obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from the relevant authorities in both the source and destination countries.

Departure of Candidates

After the final selection of the candidates, they are ready to depart for their respective destinations. The departure process involves arranging the necessary travel documents, tickets, visas, and insurance for the candidates. The departure process also ensures that the candidates are well-informed about their roles, responsibilities, and expectations in their new jobs.

Arrival Coordination

Arrival Coordination is the process of ensuring that the selected candidates arrive at their designated work locations on time and with all the necessary documents and equipment. It involves communicating with the candidates, the hiring managers, the travel agencies, and the immigration authorities to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Grievances Management

Grievances management is the process of handling and resolving complaints from employees or candidates during the recruitment process. It aims to ensure fairness, transparency and satisfaction for all parties involved.